A Sit Down with Inju 'Lil Trapanese' Kim

RM: So from the start, tell me a a bit about yourself.

LT: I'm Inju Kim, that's the name I was born with. Changed my name to Hannah when I was younger so I could fit in with the white people around me. *Chuckles*. So people know me as that  or Lil Trapanese. I got the name from my homie Lapone when I was in the studio with them in Atlanta It caught on quick. 

RM: That's legitimate.. When did you decide to pick up a camera and pursue photography?

LT:  Shit, I've always been into it. I think I bought my first camera when I was 12.

RM: That's what's up. In the past year, you've really been creating a lot of buzz for yourself in both ATL and CHI. What are you doing differently now that you weren't doing before?


LT: Taking things seriously. Really, I was always shooting photos for fun. Never charged for a photoshoot until recently. It took me a lot of time for me to realize that I actually had a talent in what I was doing and that I owed it to myself to get some bread off the shit. I was too modest with what I was doing, and when I moved to the city motherfuckers saw potential in me and thought I was raw. So I was like damn, I need to stop investing my time in this senseless things and pursue what I'm actually good at.

RM: I really rock with your work because it seems that you always capture the mood at the perfect time. Talk a bit about what inspires you to take pictures of the events/artist that you do.

LT: I was always into music, I used to make music when I was younger so that was another passion I have. Growing up, I was always into 80’s punk and hardcore. I'd go to shows back home in Michigan and I'd shoot a lot there. That's why my photos look so grimy. That's where I came from. I grew up punk, and that's where I started. I first photographed this rapper named DeLaZoo from back home. He was so cool to me, I was like 14 or 15. He made music with my big bro Jay B. They was kinda poppin’ back in Kalamazoo so I felt super honored they asked me to do that for them. That's when the hiphop culture really started interesting me. Ever since then, I started hanging out with Jay B and his friends more. They were older than me at the time so I really caught interest in everything they were doing and I loved it. He inspires me and motivates me a lot, more than anyone has actually. He has crazy talent and it always made
me want to work harder and make him proud of me. and I never had that. I owe my life to him forreal.

RM: So with you really starting to indulge in hip-hop culture around a young age, when did your unique taste in style start to show?

LT:  Shit, back home there was this crib called the PBR Palace. 5 of my skateboarder homies lived there and that place was wild. Parties all the time, but just the most unimaginable shit went down there. They were all really about the skateboarding culture. They loved skating. None of this new wave wanna be ass "I'm a rapper, so I can also skate" type shit. All they did was skate. They lived that shit. I also photographed skaters and would sit at the park helping my homies film edits. I also fucked with the Illegal Civilization videos. Those dudes are raw. So, being around the skate culture growing up really influenced my style I'd say.

RM: Yeah I know what you mean. I hate that everybody wants to be on that wave. It kills even the most basic skate vibes, these days you can't even rock a regular Thrasher Tee because all of the culture vultures that are around today.

LT: Bro right. Like Thrasher, I was wearing that  growing up because I was apart of the culture. these rappers wanna wear that shit, but don't even know what the fuck they wearing. Shit's ass honestly.

RM: I definitely feel where you're coming from, so if you and I went on a shopping spree, where/what would you spend it on?

LT:  I'd buy all the clothes from all my friends collections. My homies who make FISHSCALE put in work, my homie George who makes CLEAN Skate Co. is getting paid. They are so raw and I want to buy all of their stuff. I support them so much

RM: That's real. So many kids would say spend their money on designer items or cash out at the hottest department stores. It's so good to hear that there are people that are still willing to invest in the people who invested in them. 

RM: What's up with your music taste? If you had to make playlist today, who would be on it?

LT: There's so many new artist always on the come up, and my music taste is so vast it's always hard when someone ask me this question. But if you looked at my recently played songs on my phone, you'd find aloe of Kodak (Black), 21 Savage, and BLACKKRAY. I not only fuck with their music, but I support what they are doing as artist. 80's punk bands start my passion for music, so NOFX, The Misfits, Andrew Jackson Jihad, and Leftover Crack inspire me so much as well. *Laughs* Oh and free my man Retchy P too man!

RM: What are your thoughts on this new wave of hip-hop? The Uzi's, Kodak's and Famous Dex type sounds? 

LT:   They doing they thing. It's not my job to decide what kind of music people listen to. It's my job to capture it.

RM:  What can we expect from you in the future?

LT: More she with Lucki coming soon.

RM:In the last year, you've committed yourself to this lifestyle, what do you have to say to kid who is nervous/scared to pursue their dreams?

LT:  Boss up. that's what my friend Brandon always tells me. Boss. The. Fuck. Up. There's absolutely no easy way to accomplish following your dreams, but if that’s what you really wanna do and it will make you happy, you have to go for it. I grew up, not knowing my parents. An orphan, a foster child. I had to learn this shit early on my own. I went through a lot of things but eventually there comes a time where you can't feel sorry for yourself. I had to face my demons and boss the fuck up or i was going to get eaten alive. Listen to your heart man. Motherfuckers will try and tear you down and all you can do is flex on them. Kids in highschool wanted to talk about me cause I was different, and they still do but I never let it affect me cause I knew I was better than them. I moved out here to the city on my own when I was 17. I got my own crib for 2 bands ($2,000) a month, got a grill that cost more than your mom's wedding ring, and am working with your favorite rapper. I ain't got no worries. You can do anything you wanna do you just gotta be yourself and remain genuine.

RM:  Boss the fuck up. Before we finish, anything else you'd like to let the world know?

LT:  Yeah. To all the bitches out there that hate me, it's cool, but say something dumb to me and I'll fuck your dad while your boyfriend is  watching.

*Mic Drop*