The Travis $cott Come Up

The Travis $cott Come Up

 A while ago on Deadspin, a writer took the time to very meticulously pick apart Travis Scott's uprising. Questioning everything from his 'struggle' to his relationship with Kanye West. This Travis Scott Analysis was EXTREMELY detailed and certainly put Travis's legitimacy to question. In a nutshell, Travis dropped a few bars here, it was heard by somebody important there, got a few phone calls here, and he was flying all over the country putting in work with every artist of note in the industry. Sounds sweet doesn't it? Hell yes. Although there certainly is an excessive level of ambiguity surrounding his success, there also exist a more peculiar question. 


As of late, why the fuck is everyone getting their authenticity questioned? 


 From ASAP Rocky to Beck, the world has been cutthroat in assuring that there is not a fraud at the helm of great success. If someone is successful, why bother with criticizing their arrival? The world is a place of much opportunity and there are a million paths to greatness right? Well yes, but it's not that clear cut. The answer to whether or not authenticity should always be up for question is simple 


 Fuck yes it should.


 We live in a time where fake twitter accounts get more retweets than the President's official twitter account. There are instances in which a substance-less conflict like the one that exist between Amber Rose and The Kardashians, receive more validation than Anti-racism movements. Don't even get me started on that one "musician" from Australia with the ass-injections. As a member of society, we are force fed everything. We turn on the TV and are expected to let the politicians orchestrate their private agendas without being questioned. The most honest people, hardly ever get recognized for their honesty, and authenticity has lost its true meaning. Shock factor holds a higher impact than the truth. It is a no-brainer that the people with the loudest voices need to be questioned because if not, they can feed us anything.


Now this issue is larger than Travis Scott, but let's go ahead and jump to the conclusion that his come-up is WAY too vague. Now that that's out of the way....


There has to be a movement to help America find its morals again. A voice to help the youthful generation find satisfaction in things with significant substance instead of putting it into things that don't spark growth. There is a lot complaining about how things could/should be, but little effort to find the solution. Rappers/politicians/ will ALWAYS end up giving the people what they will settle for. So here is the solution, get your taste up America.