Friends and Collaborators Yung iPhone and Xandru link up for a heat tape.

Yung iPhone and Xandru come from slightly different locales. East Dallas, Texas and Ann Arbor, Michigan respectively. Their respective origins may seem like an odd couple, but with 2017's Magic School Bus, their first full project collaboration, the partnership proves that the connection is strong and stupendous.

iPhones's heavy southern influence is manifested on the lead single, "Thangs in the Cutlass" as well as "Renaldo Balkman" and "'91 NSX."n When he delivers, "V-Live late night splashin' on a Winnsdaaay," you can picture yourself riding around East Dallas with iPhone in a slab smoking a backwood. On top of creating a vivid dream of all things Texas, iPhone's punchlines are impeccable on this project. It seems as if both Yung iPhone and Andrew Xandru eat every verse on the project.

While Yung iPhone has given us lowkey bangers like "Sleep by the Stove" and "Yao Ming," Kauffman has focused his development on his production skills following an impressive but quiet debut project in "59 E Van Buren." Not suggest his bars have suffered, as this is by far Kauffman at his best (See "Fast Life" and "Real One"), his production skills have leveled up again with Magic School Bus. With a full compliment of skills on display throughout the project, "Magic School Bus," is the coming out party that Kauffman has worked so hard to achieve.


Take a listen to "Magic School Bus Below."