Accendi Ethereal Editorial

Man has the time gone by. As I talked to my partner in crime (and business) Lasalle Smith about the fact that Accendi has been in business for two years we were kind of shocked. We remembered seeing their hand dipped tie-dye hoodies from Waubonsie kids. It seems like just yesterday and a lifetime ago in the same vein. Anyways, their most recent release is by far my favorite. The maturation and development of James Cannella and Co. have turned up once again. They really focused this go ‘round on returning to basics; with a collection of earth tone (totally en vogue) tees and hoodies with graphics that are on point. From their usage of organic cotton in each product, to the bold presence of fonts/graphics, this collection is pure fire. Some of the products have the ability to be a staple part of your fit or play the role as a complimenting piece to really help you complete your style. 

I’m not one to gas up brands that I haven't stumbled upon myself or have some sort of personal attachment to but, “I gotta bald fade I might slam.” The stuff is just pure unadulterated heat. To say that I'm proud of Accendi for turning up and just continuing to come with heat would be an understatement. I mean for goodness sake they're out here creating high quality garments. Support these guys and rock some heat. I can only assume that Accendi will keep ascending, get on board now. Check out the full collection below, and once you understand what we're talking about head over to the site and cop a piece or two.