Supreme F/W 2016 Lookbook Evaluation

This is a big one for the bogo boys. It's the first lookbook the brand has released with Max Vanderwoude Gross at the creative helm. After Brendan Babenzien dipped so he can tantalize us all with the most luxe sweatshirts of all time via his independent label, Noah, the brand apparently wanted to push in a new direction which is actually exactly the same direction: hype. Gross got fingered by i-D as one of the top ten youngest to watch earlier this year which is basically the same as Kanye tweeting about you so yeah, hot af. 

Since the announcement, the fuccboi universe has been waiting with baited breath to see what'll happen to the label in this time of transition. Will they still make camp hats? Will they still make fire extinguishers? Will they keep their target audience of wealthy suburban middle school boys? Will they ever figure out that they should stop making fucking camp hats? These questions and so many others swirled around in the Hypebeast forum sludge tank until earlier this week, when the bomb finally dropped. 

Looking through lookbook, a couple things become immediately apparent. First, those dudes still fucking love camp hats. Second, while they are actually going to drop a literal brick which is hilarious, they're also going to drop an umbrella which is the least "skate" item that I can possibly imagine. But hey, 50 bucks says Kylie and Emily Oberg will both snap the hell out of it so like, whatever pays the bills right? Third, shit looks pretty much the same as it has for the past 5 years or so: lots of work shirts/jackets, mac coats, all-over print sweats, logo hoodies, etc. The only pieces that stand out to me as being discernibly influenced by Gross' creative force (a heavy zipped hoodie printed with massive playing cards, and a work jacket done in a green mohair that looks distinctly like they skinned the Grinch) both woulD fit very nicely Jesse Pinkman's wardrobe from Breaking Bad. 

While I do think the hype that fuels the Supreme engine has been driven far beyond the bounds of what the clothing deserves, they do always manage to slide a couple true heaters into the mix, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention them as well. The patchwork anorak and the flat pink one both deserve attention, the Capone and Noreaga gear is tight as fuck, and the Tom and Jerry work shirt is just nostalgic enough to make it appealing. At the end of the day, this shit is going to sell out with or without your help, so do whatever the fuck you want, fam. 

Check out the full looks HERE.