Social Con Presents: URBAN MONK

Social Con Presents:  URBAN MONK

Social Con is a representation of social consciousness by way of fashion, the use of natural resources, and quality handcrafting. Just five years down the line, Owner and Designer Marcus Shadden has molded a following by gaining respect both locally and internationally, parallel to his dedication, carefully researching, and hard work.

“Urban Monk” is the theme of Shadden’s latest runway show and collection, which was featured last night at NYCH Gallery, in Pilsen. The show brought together creatives, CEOs, those dedicated to 9-5s, and what I consider the mature and “lowkey” Chicago scene.

Although the actual catwalk portion of the show lasted for a brief period of time, it
was worth witnessing every millisecond, and put a new spin on the duration of
runway shows. I can’t put a general description on the collection, but it absolutely
deserves a golden ticket. Most of the pieces fall into the “outerwear” category, and
we all know that layers are essential in Chicago. It was an experience to understand
the illustration of the oversized hoodie-dresses, letterman jackets, a trench coat,
double-pleat blazers, “boyfriend” style shirting, and tailored joggers.

KC: What did you enjoy most about putting Urban Monk together & what is the significance of this particular show in Chicago?

MS: I really enjoyed designing and picking out fabrics for this collection. Urban Monk is a really fitting concept for Social Con because we create clothes for city life but we are conscious clothing brand. The significance of having it in a big city like Chicago is to juxtapose the busy city grind with the idea that we can all be mindful in the midst of chaos.

“Urban Monk” was a fitting headline for the show, as I noticed the recurring theme between each outfit was the collaboration of streetwear and options for staying warm in the upcoming winter months. Longer jackets and casual dresses were featured, as well as pops of chambray, olive, grey/black, and one of my favorite trends: [vegan] leather – from the heels, to jogger finishes, and the smaller patchwork detailing on jackets and shirts.

When Shadden first addressed the audience and introduced Social Con and Urban Monk, he made a comment about the diversity of the audience – which is one of the first things I noticed as the room started filling up. The fashion scene continues to grow, while culture and the demand for models of different physiques, colors, sexual orientations, and individual characteristics, have become prerequisite norms. Chicago’s creative network has grown exponentially over the last decade, and fashion design is a market that merges fashion junkies with the mindset and imagination directives of creative directors and artists.





“I measure success in terms of creativity and freedom. I feel that as long as I'm creating, pushing forward my vision, and I'm able to do what I want, then I'm successful.” -Marcus Shadden."

All photos taken & rights reserved by Sammy Cache @samtastik1 @richNculture