Record Store Day: Why We All Love Music

Record Store Day: Why We All Love Music

Music is a special thing. Music, at this point in time is the most important medium we have access to. People don’t watch movies right before they go to play a tennis match, members of churches aren’t writing poetry to manifest their belief in the almighty. It is music; music is everywhere and everyone is apart of it. Everyone can participate in music. From being an actual musician, to singing along poorly in the car, humming or making a super annoying beat on your desk in the back of the class as you draw Superman “S’s” in your band tee out of pure preteen/teen angst. We have all participated in music in multiple ways before and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives. Music keeps us sane, but Saturday was a special way we all were able to participate in music, Record Store Day. 


Record Store Day is a beautiful event so rare to us in this era of corporations and media mega-conglomerates. According to the RSD website it was “conceived in 2007 at a gathering of independent record store owners and employees as a way to celebrate and spread the word about the unique culture surrounding nearly 1400 independently owned record stores.” RSD got its officially kick off in 2008 in San Francisco at Rasputin Music with Metallica, I hope you all said METALLICA like you were at Metal show head banging in your Slayer tee with a beer in your hand. At any rate, this event is amazing. It allows us to feel the nostalgia of purchasing a physical album, EP, or  single. It is important that events like this keep happening. It allows everyone to dive into this wonderful subculture and enjoy music in person instead of streaming it on Tidal, everyone’s favorite $20.00 steaming service!!!! (That was sarcasm, the author actually despises Tidal and the format that Sean Carter has decided to use in order to make more money. That is for another day however.) 


Walking into the Record Store on RSD is a really unique feeling. I’ve bought CDs and vinyls on other days of the year at various stores or festivals, but on the third Saturday of April purchasing that rare B side from the Smashing Pumpkins feels infinitely more significant. And When you get home and actually get to plug it in and hear Billy Corgan’s distinct voice come through your speakers the sound is just better, I can’t tell you why either it just is. In fact, in all honesty it probably does not sound better at all, but the magic of Record Store day is real and keeps the culture of music alive and well, which then results in better sound. Trust me its science. 


The author of this story also purchased some items and would like to share:

I managed to purchase three Smashing Pumpkins Singles: Disarm, Bullet With Butterfly Wings, and Zero. They all rock, the Pumpkins shred on all three which is rad. I also managed to purchase the music from the movie Prince Avalanche starring Paul Rudd and Emilie Hirsch. Explosions in the Sky and David Wingo did the music for the film. It’s perfect, go listen to the track “Join Me on My Avalanche" when you get the opportunity it’s an awfully good piece of music. If you were able to get out to Record Store Day tweet us what you picked up. RBM will see you in 364 days at the next Record Store Day.