Across The Pond Part 1

Across the pond is a collaborative series from Chicago native, DJ Kennedy, and London native Ben Spencer. The series will showcase artist from each country, with the aim of comparing the cultures, creativity, and sound that makes each artist unique.

United Kingdom

Written by: Ben Spencer

Twitter : @BenDSpencer

The first artist reppin the UK in Chicago is Lewisham MC Novelist. Novelist has risen through the underground scene providing a fresh approach with a synthesis of knowledge, experience and sharp style. Recently focusing on politics three of the London grime artists tracks are; David Cameron Riddim, Break In Your House and WAR. Only 19, the artist has collaborated with a number of the top names in the grime scene. Signed to XL Recordiss and having already supported Major Lazer the Street Politician has a bright future. Former group member of 'The Square', Novelist has been named as the face of the youth by BBC Radio1 DJ Logan Sama. Nov featured on 'Day Ones' produced by Baauer with Brooklyn rapper Leikeli47. Lyrics such as “Not enough man like me are voting but man are on the blocks, chatting shit, moaning.” proves that Novelist isn't just anti-establishment, he is just disappointed with the whole charade much like every other 19 year old in the UK.

Grime survives on the the suburbs of the mainstream, minimal recognition, maximum scrutinization. Artists have tried to reduce the stigma surrounding the genre but none have been overly successful. Music festivals with predominantly grime artists have been shut down and specific types of music are getting banned in parts of London. Novelist is at a handful of festivals this summer across the world and has the opportunity to really graft and make a platform for himself. In the past he has said that 'The Square' know more than the olders and they have learnt from the mistakes that they made.

Grime is the voice of an uprising, its developed into more than just a genre and Novelist is the mouthpiece and figure alongside the New Gen artists. 2016 is the deciding year for the future of grime after last years rejuvenation, one newspaper have already tried to smear one of the most successful artists on the scene right now and the mainstream media will continue to say to people that grime is violent and unnecessary. Second place in Lewisham's Young Major contest, lets wait and see what he can win, let's start with the poll. 


Written by: DJ Kennedy

Twitter: @djay_kennedy

For the first edition of our brand new series here on Runaway Media I can’t think of a better artist to represent the U.S.A. than Felly. The Connecticut raised rapper has become a well known name throughout the United States for his laid back delivery, dope lyricism and exceptional creativity and ability to produce quality music. My favorite aspect of Felly however, is his ability to balance attending college at  USC and make incredible music at the same time, impressive to say the least. Not to mention, the rising star also started his own record label “2273” which came about when he was kicking it with his homies at USC having one of their casual freestyle sessions. Eventually, they decided to take their music to the next level and created “2273”, also the name of their dorm number.

Felly first landed his big break when he dropped his hit track “Probation” which has accumulated over 1.9 million plays since it’s late 2014 release as part of his “Milk & Sugar” project. Since then he has released his most popular overall project “This Sh*t Comes In Waves” and a couple instrumental EPs as well as some hit singles. Performing across the country and networking with a variety of artists such as fellow label-mate Gyyps, TUT, Rob Curly and John River among others. Marketing? That’s Felly’s forte, being a music business major at USC, it is essential Felly knows what he’s doing in this industry and he has networked for himself and his label by landing media placements on various outlets such as XXL, Daily Chiefers, Ok-Tho, Mass Appeal, BluntIQ and Prime Fortune as well as performing at SXSW showcases and touring throughout the US.

I’ve been a fan of Felly ever since Probation started gaining traction and I have followed his music closely ever since. Felly is perfect for me to listen to when i’m feeling happy, emotional, lovesick, laid back and anything in between. His smooth vocals and impressive delivery truly express his natural talent not only as a rapper but also as an overall artist. Below I have 3 songs  to show you guys that I think would represent Felly’s music best. Obviously I had to include “Probation” which is not only his biggest hit but also the reason most people know who he is today. “Leave In The Morning” is my personal favorite of Felly’s, featuring TUT and probably one of the best beats I have ever heard in Hip Hop, this track is pure dopeness. Finally, “Desert Eagle” is my concluding track, featuring Gyyps, this is his most recent drop and is the perfect mix between a chill track and a ruthless banger, a little something everyone can enjoy. Hopefully you enjoyed our first segment of the series and I hope you vote for Felly in the upcoming poll and give him the recognition he deserves!

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