Kovu Reveals The Most Important Things he Takes With Him to The Studio

 Kovu Reveals The Most Important Things he Takes With Him to The Studio

It's no secret that many musicians have routines or rituals whEN in the studio. These practices can literally make or break how well an artists spends his time while in the booth. Yesterday, I caught up with artist Kovu just a few days before his next project 'Contrast' releases, to talk to him about what he always keeps with him in the studio. 

1. My Phone - I always keep my phone with me. That's where all the music is and all of my lyrics. Plus, when we have those long editing breaks I catch up on social media, events and news. 

2. Water & Juice or Iced Coffee - Gotta stay hydrated! When I'm in there spitting hot flames you know its always #ICG!(ICEDCOFFEEGANG) 

3. The Posse - I always have to bring in an extra pair of eyes or ears to let me know what sounds good & what doesn't. My XVI posse always keeps it 100% real with me, and that takes my music to a different level.

4.Snacks: Sometimes we're in there for a long time so we have to keep up with our munchies ya dig? Hot Crunchy Curls, Pizza, Gatorade, Subway, anything to fuel me up really. 

5. My Lucky Sneakers: They're my shoes I wore at my first show ever they always remind of where I started and keep me progressing. The people who have watched my grow over the years know exactly what pairs of shoes I'm talking about. They are pretty beat up now, but the magic is still real.