Brian Fresco: Casanova Live [INTERVIEW]

A little over a week ago on July 8, Brian Fresco of SaveMoney headlined “Casanova Live” at the Portage Theater. This was his first show following the release of his brand new project Casanova. This is the first full project he’s released for quite some time and his Chicago fan base was ecstatic to say the least. Before the show started, I was lucky enough to step aside and ask Brian a few questions about his mixtape. I had seen all of the hype and the people outside of Portage before the doors opened; of course I had to ask him how he felt about it.

Picture taken by DJAY (Click picture for profile)

Picture taken by DJAY (Click picture for profile)

I asked him to describe the feeling when he saw the venue full of people waiting for him, ready to turn up and sing all of his songs. He replied simply with “This shit feels amazing. . . This is the first time I’ve come to a venue and looked up at the sign that says my name right under it. It’s a wonderful feeling, I’ve never felt this way before.” Something we see in the underground community, and local showcases, is a smaller audience than expected. Here at the Portage we saw the exact opposite. Brian said that as an artist, he’d “never want to perform to an empty crowd,” and after seeing the audience turnout, he described the event as “just crazy.”

A recent article published by MTV was titled: “If You Like ‘One Dance’, You’ll Love Brian Fresco and Chance the Rappers, ‘Higher.’” I brought this up to him because locally it’s been referred to as the “Chicago” version of One Dance. There are many world renowned media outlets out there, but MTV is one of the most legendary and it grabs the attention of millions. He said, “For ‘Higher’ to be compared to ‘One Dance’ is crazy because we made that from scratch. It’s all original.” The creativity and flow of the song is just so great, it’s beautiful to see the music being noticed abroad, let alone be talked about in comparison with one of the biggest rappers in the game right now.

I, myself, was excited for his set, so I asked him what song he was most excited to perform that night; he said hands down it had to be “Bussin.” It was his first time performing the song with a live drummer, which would exceed the insane energy that song already has. Although he would be performing multiple new songs off Casanova, "Bussin" would be his favorite because of how lit the crowd was.

Obviously I couldn’t walk away without finding out what his favorite song to write/record was. When I asked he said his favorite song to write was “Fam.” He says, “It’s a little more personal. . . I literally name all my closest family members.” Brian said he’s usually pretty busy and moving around a lot and felt the song would be the best way to reach out to them. “I made the song to show them that I think about them. . . and I love them.”

As the interview wrapped up I had one question left for Brian. I asked him if he has anything in store after Casanova, or if he’ll be taking a break from recording. Lucky for us, he’s already started recording a few songs. Brian also mentioned recording some songs with his brother, “I’m pretty sure I’m going to start cooking up a lot of things with him.” This is great news and it was really an honor working with him. Brian is a very well-spoken guy and I can’t wait to see what he has in store. If you haven’t heard it yet go listen to the Casanova tape!

Madison is a writer from Chicago, IL who currently resides in Long Beach, CA. With a deep fascination for music, specifically hip-hop, her stream of consciousness on certain topics provides an unmatched insight.