PartyInMyLivingRoom: Chicago Edition

PartyInMyLivingRoom: Chicago Edition

“Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy, and mutual valuing.” –Rollo May

Saturday night (and morning) was anything but lackluster. I received an invite to “PartyInMyLivingRoom: Chicago Edition” from my business partner. He stressed that I had to witness it for myself after experiencing the very same party in Los Angeles. Who knew that I would burn so many calories, sweat profusely, or manage to run into people from elementary school, undergrad, and of course, a few artists that taught me the ropes at my first internship. 

What is PIML, you might ask? It is, by definition: “a true house party designed to promote community and interpersonal relations through the celebration of music.” While this description is simple, I like to think of this experience as another reason why I love Chicago and a reminder of how many talented and passionate individuals I am around on a daily basis. 

From the mixed crowd to the beautiful mansion in Bucktown, PIML did not fall short of what many were expecting. Everyone loves a good dance party, and this type of event is exactly what Chicago needs to soften our tainted rep. Yes, we like to turn up. Yes, there are bad neighborhoods…on all sides of Chicago. And yes, we always seem to come together for the sake of music, art, and entertainment in general. From the somewhat lowkey RSVP instructions and “secret location”, to the many faces of 20 and 30-somethings letting loose on a Saturday night, this is just what I needed to cross off of my Summertime Chi bucket list. 

PIML was launched in February of 2015 during Grammy Week as an alternative to industry parties in Hollywood’s club scene. 7 houses and 3,000 attendees later, #PIML has become the staple house party for creatives and artists around the nation. 

With Lollapalooza taking place this weekend this party was the perfect pick-me-up for not having the chance to rock out to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Disclosure, Two Door Cinema Club, Slumberjack, Vic Mensa, and many, many more. Instead, The Ivorys, Thurz (the genius behind PIML), Swim Team, Boi Jeanius, Million $ Mano, James & the Giant Trap Beat, Housework, and a few others blessed the living room (literally) with a night of music ranging from hip hop, trap, rock, soul, dubstep, and all of that mixed together. 

Although the air conditioner was clearly not in-use, the amount of fun that all partygoers seemed to have was a no-brainer: it’s a dance party, at someone’s house, in Chicago. With its organic reach and simple marketing strategy, the forces behind PIML are in for a ride, or wave, as some of us might call it. 

So many beautiful faces, fashionable young men and women, and absolutely no drama, this memory is surely one for the books. Live painting also occurred, which is totally now a thing at various events around the city. Mix that with wings, a well-equipped bar, and music that is guaranteed to make you dance, you’ve got yourself an extraordinary party. 

The notion that we are a “movement”, or at least attempting to emulate such was displayed by one simple action: Respect. From Treated Crew always bringing a certain presence and paying homage to Timbuck2, to The Ivorys covering The Temptations (and tremendously reminding me of The Black Keys), and The Swim Team showcasing their own spin on a hip hop and dubstep mashup, PIML Chicago Edition was a great platform to shine some positive light on the boundless amount of talent and business marketing that we have essentially taught ourselves. 

Events like this allow us to “let loose” in a controlled manner, and not in the slightest bit of negative air. When it comes down to it, I tip my hat off to the party host (and Red Bull!) for going out on a limb of faith to share and create such a beautiful space allowing over 400 people to come out and play.