Drake’s Artistic Integrity Suffers as Iconicism Rises

Drake’s Artistic Integrity Suffers as Iconicism Rises

To millennials, what company represents the generation better than Apple and what artist has captured the essence of the children of the information age better than Drake?

Since it’s inception, the art of hip hop and the concept of capitalism have been inextricably linked. Originally, rappers used their rhymes to boast of their wealth. These rhymes, later in conjunction with sleek music videos, painted the picture of a lifestyle that many would wish for, but only a select few could obtain. Many rappers made their careers off their lavish lines. For the most part it would never overtake the quality of the artist’s music. However, with the ever-changing landscape that the music industry has now become, it’s becoming increasingly clear that while rap has never been so widely embraced by Wall Street, it might be at the expense of the “streets” from which it sprung.

Since his introduction into the hearts and minds of rap aficionados around the world, Drake was expected to be a force within the genre. However, as time continued to pass, it became clear that he had the capacity to be more than just the hottest rapper in the game. With his relatable content, proclivity to create unforgettable hooks, and ability to contort common phrases into wordplay wizardry, Drake overcame the hurdles of his background, nationality, and sensitivity. When one strips away his rapper image, you see a young, good looking man, who appears easygoing, polite, and very intelligent. He maneuvers through different circles with such grace and ease that corporations need but to take one look at him and see endorsement deals that include more zeroes than a Donald Trump rally. Compound that with his exceptional understanding of branding and marketing via social media, and you get a strong case for “most marketable artist alive.” He has the cool that Taylor Swift can’t completely co-opt, the clean image Jay Z never had, and he’s willing to make all of the political moves necessary to assist in his race towards the top.

As Drake became increasingly successful, naturally the tone of his music began to morph as well...


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