QC Artist TAJ Releases "4 for the 4" EP

QC Artist TAJ Releases "4 for the 4" EP
Photos Taken by: LuAnna Gerdemann

4 for the 4, TAJ's long-awaited EP is finally here. This EP is self-explanatory, 4 tracks of fire, tailored for the listeners enjoyment. The balance of energy, tones, and moods creates a fluid listening experience. Despite the short duration of the project, it undoubtedly creates a dialogue about the triumphs, failures, and lifestyles that TAJ has endured in his life. The content itself, is filled with hidden meanings, social critiques, and double-entendres. It will definitely take you a few listens to even come close to having a real understanding of some of TAJ's words. One of my favorites, "Pass Me The Aux" is a straight banger. With his brother Eastside Ave on the track, the dynamic duo simultaneously achieves execution and style. In addition, other tracks like "Grown Simba" discuss a more intimate aspect of his life. What's great about this project is that it allows TAJ to give us a taste of the kind of true versatility he wishes to achieve. 

TAJ is one of few artist emerging from the Quad Cities and he certainly isn't new to music. "I'm here to show that you can still have a hype, energy filled rapture without selling out the words. I am someone who has came from homelessness and struggle and I can let that kid out there going through it know that he's not alone."

Give the track a listen below and be sure to follow him on Twitter.

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