Chance the Rapper - The Chicagoan That Doesn't Stop

Chance the Rapper - The Chicagoan That Doesn't Stop

On Sunday, July 31st 2016, Chance the Rapper dropped an announcement that shook up all of Twitter as well as the city of Chicago. At Noon, Chance took to his Twitter to post a flyer with the caption, “Surprise!!! Secret show at the Metro tonight!”

No one saw this coming, so he decided to make it interesting by not selling tickets online; “No online tickets, GET IN THE CAR!” Within an hour and a half, Chance’s tickets were sold out at The Metro, Fat Tiger Workshop, Lou Malnati's, Jugrnaut, and Harold’s Chicken. Everyone finally knew what he was talking about when he tweeted, “Wake up early. Turn notifications on.” 

Chance never falls short of giving the people what they want. He ended the show with talking to the audience in his most humble manner, telling us that he’s “not going to stop until everyone in the city of Chicago has seen me.” 

Chance might be reaching that goal come September 24th, Magnificent Coloring Day. 

Shortly after the announcement for Magnificent Coloring Day, tickets were sold out. There is an overwhelming demand to see Chance the Rapper these days and he saw the feedback on Twitter. He took it into his own hands to make sure that every single seat at U.S Cellular Field will be filled on September 24th.  (As a side note, Chance does not want anyone reselling these tickets. Those of us at his surprise show got an earful of what he thinks of resellers.) 

    After the huge success of his surprise show and ticket sales for MCD we have seen him grinding nonstop. For the last two weeks everyone’s new feed has been filled with him; he received his first nomination for a VMA, there was #NationalColoringbookDay, he was added to the lineup at Camp Flog Gnaw, he featured in the beautiful Nike ad for the Olympics, and he has the internet quoting his #sogonechallenge. Chano even made it onto President Barack Obama’s “2016 Summer Playlist: Songs for Nighttime” and today, Chance started everyone’s morning with his appearance on Good Morning America, where he performed “Summer Friends.”

    Chance the Rapper is always up to something locally and abroad. Just when we think he’s taking a break, he pops up with something new. The people in the city of Chicago are forever grateful for how much he gives back to us. #ThanksChance

Madison is a writer from Chicago, IL who currently resides in Long Beach, CA. With a deep fascination for music, specifically hip-hop, her stream of consciousness on certain topics provides an unmatched insight.