Mena Tells Us Who She is Keeping Her Eye On in Chicago

Mena Tells Us Who She is Keeping Her Eye On in Chicago

Chicago’s music scene is incomparable to any other place. The talent here is endless. You could be meeting a legend in the making, you never know. From photographers, fashion designers, producers, DJ’s, and music artists, Chicago has it all. This is Chicago’s Renaissance, and it’s never too late to get in tune. Here’s a few artists you should watch.

Brian Fresco

Fresco has always been versatile when it comes to his music. I think that’s one of his bigger strengths and sets him aside from so many artists. His latest project “Casanova” was one of my favorite projects that dropped this summer. He has songs like “Higher” featuring Chance the Rapper and Blue Hawaii that captures that One Dance vibe, but does it better. Then you got a song like “Dandelion” that’s a bit on the softer side, but you know that’s for the ladies. Don’t think for a second he doesn’t go crazy on “Bussin”, I STRONGLY suggest you blast that full volume. There’s a link right below for “Casanova” be sure to listen. Brian’s making some major moves, stay in tune! 

Twitter : @brianfresco

Soundcloud HERE


I’m sure you’ve heard or seen his name plenty of times. has been making a name for himself this past year. Besides being a selected RedBull Sound Select artist, he’s been performing at multiple shows around the city as well as other states. live performance is something everybody has to experience. A crowd favorite “Speed Racer” is guaranteed to turn up any concert and will leave you wanting more.  Probably why he’s on so many show bills, he’s not making his own wave for no reason. His style of music is incomparable to anybody else. You’d have to listen to yourself to find out, his soundcloud link is right below. You’ll be hearing more about as he’s just getting started.

Twitter: @WARHOLSS

Soundcloud HERE

Knox Fortune

Knox Fortune has been making some major moves. His name not familiar to you? He was the one singing on “All Night” from Chance’s project “Coloring Book”. I guarantee you’ve had a Knox Fortune beat playing through your headphones or in your car. He’s produced for people such as Vic Mensa, Joey Purp, and others in Save Money. He has only one solo track titled “Sea Glass” and I advise you to take a listen below. Be sure to keep up with Knox as he has a lot ahead of him in the future.

Twitter: @knoxfortune

Soundcloud HERE

Sterling Hayes

Another promising talent from Chicago’s own Savemoney, Sterling has been cooking up some heat. He blessed us earlier this year with his first project titled “Antidepressant” that had 20 phenomenal tracks. Sterling shows his versatility throughout the whole project with catchy songs like “Fuck You Mean” and something a little more personal like “Burden”. You’re sure to hear more about Sterling as he’s been performing at many shows around the city. He has a follow up EP titled “SIDEFX” coming real soon. Get familiar with the name Sterling Hayes, but for now take a listen to “Antidepressant” while you wait.

Twitter: @SterlingHayesSM

Soundcloud HERE

Logan Cage

One of the most consistent rappers in Chicago, Logan Cage gives everybody a unique sound. He’s not a new name to the game though, his first anticipated project “1636” dropped last year and since then has had fans begging for more. His second project titled “The New Wave EP” dropped earlier this year and he has been consistent with singles and videos as well. Be sure to anticipate his next project titled “Still Iconic” dropping soon. As his fan base continues to grow with his career there’s no telling who’s going to stop him anytime soon. With a strong team behind him he’s sure to continue his wave and making it bigger than ever. Take a listen to some of his music below.

Twitter: @LoganCage

Soundcloud HERE


You might have just started hearing about Femdot, but don’t think for a second it’ll be the last time. One of the better lyricists in Chicago, Femdot gives us a rather nostalgic sound that we all seem to crave. He recently dropped a project titled “fo(u)r” that deserves so much more shine than it got. He’s been spotted performing at some shows across the city as well, be sure to catch his live performances and expect more greatness. Take a listen to his latest project below.

Twitter: @femdotdotcom

Soundcloud HERE

Nina Tech

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 12.02.50 PM.png

Although she’s a fresh face on the scene she’s surely made her mark already. Besides being a Redbull Sound Select artist you can’t compare her to nobody else out right now. We don’t have too many female rappers on the scene right now and I’m telling you now she’s going crazy. Her sound as well as her delivery is incomparable. She doesn’t have a project out yet, hopefully we get one in the future. Listen to some of the tracks she has out now and be sure to keep a look our for her in the future.

Twitter: @youngninatech

Soundcloud HERE

UG Vavy

I recently came across UG Vavy on Soundcloud and on top of producing most of his songs himself he’s quite the rapper as well. His songs have a different vibe than you would get from most rappers. His self produced song “Bussin” is super catchy and should be blasted at a party. While listening to his music I’m always bobbing my head and I feel good listening to it, everytime. He’s definitely somebody to look out for. I hope we all get to see him on more show line ups and getting more music as well. Peep his Soundcloud below.

Twitter: @UG_vavy

Soundcloud HERE


Martin $ky

Martin $ky has been working like no other. He’s talented all around whether its producing, rapping, or live performances he’s sure to give a memorable experience. As a producer he creates one a kind beats that I really can’t even begin to explain. Don’t even get me started on his music. His delivery and flow is catchy every time. AND he raps on his own beats, you won’t forget him. He has an EP coming very soon, follow him on twitter to stay up to date. You’ll continue to hear about Martin $ky, stay in tune with his moves as he makes a mark in this music industry.

Twitter: @martinxsky

Lucki Eck$

If you don’t know about Lucki by now you must have been under a rock. Lucki has spawned in a new wave of rappers, but sets himself aside different from the rest. His mellow delivery along with some hypnotic type beats, you can’t truly compare him to another artist. 2016 has been a busy year for him from touring and still consistently dropping music, his fans cannot complain. Lucki has been releasing a number of Freewave freestyles this year leading up to his highly anticipated “Freewave 2 EP” that his fans were fiending for. His wave just started, but be sure to keep tabs on him as he gets further into his career.


Soundcloud HERE