Respect Creatives Everywhere, Even Kanye West

Respect Creatives Everywhere, Even Kanye West

Facebook appears to now be a cesspool of opinionated clowns. Poor Mark Zuckerberg Im sure thats not what you envisioned when you created it. A lot of times I see people writing big, long posts about things in the news. These big, long posts are usually from the losing side, the side that is often times concerned with preserving a certain way of life that is not always right in 2015. Not always, but more times than not when I come across them, they are. Most recently it has been Tom Brady, Donald Trump, Caitlyn Jenner or my personal favorite, Kanye West. Now I am not here to tell people what they should and should not post on Facebook, but if you're going to voice your opinion at least be well versed in your subject. Being well versed in the subject you go to debate decreases the chances of you looking like an idiot and potentially offending someone.

Not too long ago, I saw someone who frequently breaks this rule comment on a friends video. It was a video he shared of Kanye West on Jimmy Fallon a few years back. Now, Kanye has been the leader of a creative driven cultural revolution for sometime; culminating with being awarded the MTV Video Vanguard Award at the 2015 VMAs. It is safe to say without his performance of Runaway at the 2010 VMAs RBM would not exist. I would not like clothing or be interested in them if it wasnt for the Chicago native either. Like it or not, hes a pretty important guy. Just think for a moment what your life would be like without Kanye West… 


   We wouldn't know George Bush did not care about Black People

   We would not have a Watch the Throne album

   Travi$ Scott would not be who/what he is

   Would Virgil Abloh have left architecture if there is no Kanye West?

   Does The Weeknd become a worldwide pop star without 808s and Heartbreak?

   Would all these monochromatic concepts in fashion be as popular as they are?

These are just off of the top of my head too. I’m sure that this list could go on much longer.

Whether you hate him or not Kanye is an important figure for youth and youth culture (Listen to the kids bro.) However the uncle of the friend of mine who posted the video took it upon himself to attack said youth culture leader. As I read the comments and listened to the videos audio I wondered why he was so upset to the point that he had to make a small issue of it. Here is the conversation:


Uncle: IF he doesn't like the United States that has allowed him to have a market and make so much money then he should leave.

Friend: What he is doing is creating a movement for people to express themselves freely without the judgment of others

Uncle: People will always have opinions and through the lens of those opinions people are judged. Kanye is apparently very egotistical and cares little for others- unless of course it is making an ass of himself at the Grammy's believing that Beyonce is the only artist who has more talent than....Kanye!


Alright, slow your roll chief. First and foremost, the interview has nothing to do with the free market economy of the USA. The majority of the interview Mr. West is talking about standing up for creatives/artists and allowing creatives/artists to have the freedom to create what they want, you know the stuff Kanye has spoken about many times and just recently spoke about at the VMAs. Now this guy, the uncle, is Republican. Not like a Republican that believes in the GOP and would vote for Donald Trump because he truly, truly believes that is the best way to live his beliefs out. Hes the type of political follower who would vote for a stop sign because it is red. He is very reactionary in his actions and beliefs which is what lead him to comment on the video. However, Im still pretty sure he has an evil lab in his basement where has spent the last 6.5 years trying to clone/recreate Ronald Reagan in order to overthrow the Obama administration in some mega conspiracy.

Now don't get it twisted, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a Republican. It would not be America if there was not someone who thought different than me. I personally don't think the GOP is great but someone has to focus on the economy. However, if I am not mistaken, isnt a large portion of the party platform based on, oh I dont know, FREEDOM??? The most pure American quality. Freedom, the thing that allows you to do more or less whatever you please. Freedom is really the core of the American Philosophy. Think about the FREE market economy, FREEDOM to bare arms , the fight for FREEDOM from business regulations and FREEDOM of religion (even if it means citizens trying to force religious ideology into policy blatantly ignoring the separation of church and state, but that is a completely different argument.)

Okay, so now that we have gotten that out of the way lets take a look at comment number 2. People will always have opinions and will always be judged, that is true. What my friend is trying to say about what Kanye said is this: You can do what you want to do. You should absolutely not be afraid to follow your dreams and aspirations. I am not sure why anyone would want to hate discourage people from following their dreams. Following your dreams is just modern jargon for the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, one of the key phrases used in the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. For as much of patriot this dude is, Im surprised by his rhetoric.

Next, yes Kanye is confident. Now Im not going to attempt to make this about race, but there really seems to be something about confident African American men that really intimidate middle aged white guys Pitchfork even had an article about it RECENTLY. Im not sure this really has anything to do with Kanye, but for what its worth the guy is a huge Tom Brady fan and does not think he should be suspended. Tom Brady is pretty confident guy, very competitive, very successful. Its weird but the two have been at the forefront of American popular culture for almost the same amount of time and in a weird way they parallel one another. Even down to their significant others, both of whom are wildly successful and attractive women. Ill just leave it at that. Moving along, Kanye does not just care about himself. I know our antagonist isnt the most cultured fellow out there and I would not expect him to be well versed in a leader of youth culture, but if you were to Google: Kanye Charity, you would find Donda House and you would see some pretty awesome stuff. In fact being the Christian that he is, shouldn't he probably be donating some money to the organization, I know the big man JC would be out there on the Southside helping, why isn't he? 

Finally, who cares about the Grammys. Yes they are nice to watch and enjoy, but honestly, if you are taking their word as bond you really do not know a lot about the music industry. But if you are using the Grammys as a super valuable tool heres this, Kanye has won 21 Grammys. Also to go back to that comment about him not caring about anyone but himself, why dont you watch his performance dedicated to his mom from the 2007 Grammys.

I do not mean to be overly harsh. However, I think ignorance is the biggest issue our society faces today as a whole. This is just one example of ignorance on social media.Seeing that post really did irk me though. It made me think of all the times people have made superficial criticisms of incredibly talented creatives. To me, this is the biggest disrespect you can show a creative. These people dedicate their lives so you can have entertainment. People who write, sing, rap, paint, anything, we know we are here to have our work judged. But damn, judge us for our work as creatives not how you perceive us to be. It is our work that will live long past our demise. It is our work that will influence younger generations. So do us all a favor and before you go to criticize someone or something, do some research, read our work, listen to our songs; then you can say whatever you want. Or instead of criticizing superbly talented human beings, why don't you criticize politicians who's votes are being bought by PACS and special interest groups. Regroup the energy and direct it at people who we NEED to hold accountable in order to secure the future for our children and their children. I know I want to be able to talk to my children about Kanye West and the many more talented and influential members of the creative communities I subscribe to.  k