Amari Smith Reveals His Top 6 Favorite Songs

Amari Smith Reveals His Top 6 Favorite Songs

We sat down with Sydny August and Amari Smith, to discuss a number of things. Among those topics, we spoke on which songs Amari is  rocking with the most right now, and to no surprise, his hometown loyalty runs deep. 6 out of 6 songs were from Chicago-based artist. Check out the list below stay up to date with Amari's next move

1. “Whatever” Sydny August - I love this song because from the very beginning it's digging into your soul, it reminds me of when I first heard of an early Alicia Keys.

2. LMG “Blue Cheese” - This song is so damn nice, I love the way L.M.G. bodies this beat lyrically. Also this song was composed when they were juniors, which makes the track thats much better. Lastly, THEY DAMN NEAR RAPPED ABOUT CHICKEN... Godly.

3. $ike The Drug “Ball Till I Hurt” - I’m obsessed with piano heavy beats and the music that song had on this track is a perfect blend. He gives the listener this uplifting feeling like they are the shit, very motivational.

4. Manwolves “Beaches” - This band is one of the best in the city first n foremost. This one particular songs puts the listener in a beach vibe with smiles. The best part about Manwolves is that they are a band, which means all their beats are authentic with real instruments which makes the listener want more.

5. Warhol.SS “Speed Racer” - Being in my particular age group we like to drive fast, we all got that speed racer inside us. This is a theme song for everyone under 25 doing the dash on Lake Shore Drive and the Dan Ryan.

6. Lucki X “Finesse” - This is my Chicago anthem, stain or be stained. You are the finesser or your probably getting finessed somehow some way. It's just the way of life around here.