Cocaine, Caffeine and Capitalism; What's The Difference?

Feudalism: a social system that existed during the middle ages in which people worked and fought for nobles who gave them the use of land in return for their services. The individual who accepted this land became a vassal, and the man who granted the land became his liege/lord.

A connection between this definition of feudalism and the structure of our society exists. Although feudalism was of medieval times, I still see the foundations of a feudal society buried deep within our own ways of living, all we have to do is interchange a couple of outdated terms with ones applicable to current times. We can swap “vassal” for “citizen/tenant/resident,” and “lord” for “the government/Federal Reserve/landlord.” In order to receive land, one had to offer lifelong military support. The military, as we all know, is responsible for “securing and defending” the country by the authorized use of deadly weapons and forces. In today’s society, joining the military is highly encouraged, and those who serve are rewarded with lifelong financial benefits in regards to education, medical care, tax-free housing, cash bonuses, special deals on loans and much more. Couldn’t one perhaps compare the two situations and see they're practically identical in nature? 

Our society is very much contaminated and saturated with feudalistic principles. The only difference between feudal society then and feudal society now is the time period and economic status of the world. Capitalism, without a doubt, is modern day feudalism. How sickening it is to realize we are controlled by a select few who deem themselves to be superior, worthy enough, and entitled to the exploitation of roughly ninety-seven percent of the population! They have successfully brainwashed the public into believing anything but the reality of what’s happening around them. How could anyone be content with this system, with this way of living, with this soul draining illusion of what is and what will ever be? We’re merely alive under the mercy of three percent of the population. Our purpose in life is to waste the majority of our days working to support the lavish lifestyles of the elite and to contribute our only reward for our handwork back into their pockets. We devote our lives to working yet have nothing to show for it. Sure, we can amass an abundant amount of materialistic items with our left over money, but what do they prove? Materialistic wealth isn’t and will never be a definite portrayal of who we really are. The only thing it proves is we are vital assets to sustaining the ideologies of the elite. We are programmed to lust after the newest and nicest products that our society perceives as valuable and essential to a better way of living. Our minds have been hacked by corrupt conglomerates - our souls being sold and shared to the highest bidder. This desire for worldly riches is insatiable. It will never be satisfied. A newer and nicer product will always exist. We’re simply fueling the fire of our egocentric impulses. We purchase these expensive products in hopes of receiving personal recognition, assurance, praise, and envy from others. Hours of our lives we will never get back are wasted on searching for a reaction from someone who, more often than not, won’t matter to us in a week’s time. Caving into these carnal desires are what keeps things the way they are, what keeps the same people in power, and what keeps us from ever living a life full of meaning and fulfillment. 

Think of it like this: the elite, the puppet masters, the establishment, whatever you want to label them as, are drug addicts. They are severely addicted to the most powerful drug in existence - money. Severe enough to destroy anything or anyone who attempts to take their drug away from them. Severe enough to lie to the faces of millions and cause worldwide slaughtering, suffering, and sorrow just to support their addiction. Severe enough to amass a large percentage of the population and train them to become mindless killers who invade, imperialize, and incorporate their ideologies, rules, and beliefs with the use of inhumane weaponry; then go as far as to condemn us to the role of their scapegoat by justifying their savage behavior with one word, “freedom.” We’ve all heard how our freedom is a direct byproduct of the military, yet no one stops and questions the accuracy of this claim. How is that even possible? Millions of innocent people who call these war territories their home have lost their lives, land, and loved ones all at the expense of our “freedom.” If that is what the word, “freedom” embodies, the mass amounts of pain, torture, and Hell other human beings have to endure, then I don’t want to be “free.” Freedom is a fundamental right that everyone across the globe is entitled to. Freedom is a gift from the universe, not from other human beings. 

Would you fund your loved one’s addiction if he/she was hurting others without mercy, remorse, or shame just to appease their cravings? No, you wouldn’t. Why not? Because you would then not only be an advocate but an active patron of evil, no? What makes that scenarios any different from this one? We are supporting the killing of innocent people to keep our rulers’ addiction fulfilled. Essentially, we’re all addicted to money. We’re enslaved by a green piece of paper. We live and breathe for it. All of our thoughts, actions, intentions, and desires are all subconsciously influenced by money. A person who is addicted to a substance (meth, heroin, cocaine, pills, etc.) revolves his/her life around the next high, how to obtain more of the drug, and the illusion of feeling whole when he/she is on the drug. We shun, judge, and criticize these people for their addictions yet how are we any different? Just because money cannot be smoked, snorted, or injected doesn’t mean it isn’t a drug. A drug is a substance that elicits a physiological reaction, or a “high”, to its user. One could easily feel high if given the right amount of money. Would you experience anything less than euphoria if you were given a stack of Benjamin Franklins? As Bob Marley once said, “Before pointing figures, make sure yours are clean.” We’re all addicts. We’re all supporters of an evil system. We’re all living our lives to feed our egos rather than our souls.  We’re all the things we claimed we’d never be. 

We always have a choice. It may not be a choice we like, but regardless, we always have a choice. We choose to live under the rule of capitalism. Despite being brainwashed since birth into perceiving it as a good thing, the evidence exists to prove otherwise. Capitalism was, is, and will be the ultimate downfall of humanity. One day, we will all realize this, but I can only hope that when that day comes, it won’t be too late. Drug addictions never result in positive outcomes, so when will we decide to get clean?