Texas Students Can Now Carry Guns On College Campus

Texas Students Can Now Carry Guns On College Campus

Republican legislative efforts have finally succeeded in passing the bill that will allow Texas students to conceal and carry their handguns on campus. Texas has more than 1 million registered conceal and carry licensees in the state. Today marks the 50th anniversary of the infamous clocktower shooting at The University Of Texas. The law will be valid at all public schools such as Texas A&M, University of Texas, and Texas Tech. Private schools such as TCU, Baylor, and Rice have the option to ban the law on their campus. 

This law is continually controversial because such a rule can potentially lead to larger suicide rate as well and fear of free speech. Much of the desire to pass the law is fueled by the occurrences of multiple mass shootings, both on and off campuses, across The United States. 

Basically, guns will be allowed in campus buildings, classrooms, and dorms. The specifics vary from campus to campus but each school is fully responsible for thoroughly disclosing their preferences. Teachers will be allowed to consider their offices gun-free if they prefer.  It will still be illegal to conceal and carry at sporting events and hospitals. 

Guns aren't a new thing in Texas and it hardly surprising to hear that such a law is being implemented. What's more of a concern is if this law will ripple throughout college campuses in other states. Texas is not the first state to allow students to conceal and carry on campus. Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Utah and Wisconsin allow students to conceal and carry on their campuses. It will be very important to keep track of key statistics that will allow one to see how beneficial, or how detrimental, this decision is for Texas campuses. With the excessive gun violence throughout America, it's only a matter of time.

Source: Time