Venezuela: From the Shine of the Light to the Darkness of The Gutters

Venezuela: From the Shine of the Light to the Darkness of The Gutters

Venezuela is known to be the fourth largest country in South America, including the twelve independent countries that border it, its composed of three territories and three islands. Venezuela is known for it's rich oil production and since 2014, Venezuela has not been the same beautiful country that it once was. Changes happen on the daily, whether it be a minor change like the new production of the latest cars, or latest fashion show. The world moves in a counter clockwise formation, not just because of it's innate function, but because it teaches us to understand how to keep on moving forward.

Now, lets say you live in a country where every necessity you needed to keep you alive was available. You can go down to the market and pick up a fresh box of strawberries alongside some oranges and bananas. You can ask the mini mart guy “Hey sir, can I get a pack of small marlboro’s please?” and it would be a simple response like “Here you go, have a nice day”. Now imagine if the world took a break and showed you what poverty was, what it's like to actually lose everything. For example, if you were to go down to your favorite forest and all the trees you used to glimpse at are dull and dry, like a sad kid who was lost for hours and could not find help. You would either feel pity or sink into the darkness of helplessness. This is what Venezuela and it's people are struggling to go through on a daily basis. They should be able to purchase food, clothes, go out on trips, and do as they please at any given point. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

Due to Maduro, their current president, who was elected by former president Chavez, a complete mismanaged individual who knew little on how to run certain parts of his country. Maduro was never educated into the politics lifestyle, he more so lived it and now is ruling a country which is now dead.

Maduro has evacuated schools and will not let students learn only because he believes that it is not necessary. Which is not true, some people struggle to find their inner peace and be who they are. Others struggle due to mental illness or lack of mannerism and home training. To add, Maduro has left supermarkets empty and has only given out raffled tickets to a select few. If the number stopped at fifty and you were number fifty-five you would not be able to get your batch of food for weeks possibly. You are left with nothing and will have to suffer as a lower class individual. The city may be plagued with discreet explosives that can go off at anytime. One cannot simply ride the bus, or go anywhere without worrying about the possibility of getting robbed. He has burned down schools, entertainment venues, court houses, residencies, and gathered an army of “friends” to support his actions. These "friends" consist of the military, gang members, random individuals who just want to cause chaos and others who are his right hand for every move he makes; advocates. He has done anything in his power to even close off the borders not allowing anyone to go in and out of the country, if you try and leave, whether you succeed or not; death is always staring you in the face. Many of these happenings go unreported because western media only sheds light on a few particular events. The news only shows us what they believe is right and adjustable for the mind.

Daily news involves entertainment, sports, local and worldwide news and weather. We are so in touch with what happens in the Middle East, Thailand, Czech Republic, South Korea and such that they do not really go in depth of the other countries who are battling a similar situation or sometimes even worse. Venezuela falls victim to the media's blind eye. They have been in a civil war for over two years now and no real attention has been given to the situation. It's time for the world to know, so we can all stand up and say “I will make a change”. In order to see progress and change you have to actually go and do something about it.

Venezuela has  former activists that go out and try and make a change but their only downfall is that they do not know if that will be their last day. Maduro will continue to do anything in his power to have Venezuela not succeed and be the beautiful country it is for tourists and citizens. It is absurd to think that there are leaders who do not want the best for their people. It does not matter where you come from or how you came to be the person you are today. It is about understanding that a human being is just like machine, it receives and gives. As much as we receive or do not receive, we should not have to feel as empty as a box

Negativity leads into a circle of mixed-energy and self confusion. Many like to keep running around holding grudges and never giving the person another look to their face. Which indeed is understandable due to the fact that there are many situations that lead to bad consequences. If you are poor, you will spend your last 2 dollars on water if you had to. Some have chosen the way down to the gutter but many live a life they can not change. There are so many restrictions and "what ifs" in play. Venezuela is a country formed of passion, love and charisma. It deserves better than this. It will see better days. Venezuela will always be the country it stands for but the more it dies the more it's people do too.

Feel for those who scream and weep, for you will be treated with nothing but greatness.