Documentary: More Than A Bullet

Finally, someone portrayed Chicago for what it really is. Finally, a film maker went into the REAL  Chicago and spoke to REAL people. Finally, our city was portrayed as a war zone. Finally, someone got it right. That someone was Nick Davis, the producer of the documentary More Than A Bullet, which will be available later today. The film focused on the real Chicago by interviewing the heartbeat of the city. Contrary to what Noisey considered a "good" display of Chicago with their series "Chiraq", Davis and crew instead focused on independent artists like Roosevelt the Titan. Spoke with members of the community in Chatam and across the southern portion of the city. The documenters actually went to the streets and did something that Noisey was not able to do, they talked to the people and in a very profound way those people spoke to us.

As the audience sat in the Columbia Multi-Purpose room and watched the film projected across the screens, there was not one hint of a blue cell phone light a true credit to how important and intriguing the documentary was. The significance of this film and the message it gave was more important than any technical shortcomings they may have encountered. "More than a bullet" is a documentary that everyone needs to see. It's time that Chicago takes back Chicago. It is ironic that the night that "More than a bullet" premiered Chicago learned that it would have its first mayoral runoff ever, Chuy Garcia vs the incumbent, Rahm Emmanuel. Chicago showed that it is starting to take the city back one piece at a time. Stream the trailer for More Than A Bullet below via YouTube.